Learning, discovering new things, developing personally and to sharing knowhow can – and will – INSPIRE!

Companies are developing continuously and “learn”: as organisations, as systems, within groups and each employee.
To manage those valuable resource-pools is more than just gaining and transferring information.

Successful know-how management should integrate the perspective of the organisation and of the employees.
Above all, interest and curiosity should be raised in order to motivate the individual to take responsibility.
Following this focus training models can be developed specifically for your organisation and your employees.




1. Management and Leadership Trainings

  • for Executive Management, Junior Management and Teams
  • German and English


Top Executive Education

  • Holistic Leadership approach
  • Leadership competences and behaviour
  • Core competences of successful Leaders (Leadership)
  • Social and emotional competences
  • Management tools
  • Business simulation game
  • Time management and Self-organisation
  • Development of Teams, Team organisation- and motivation

Strategic Management

  • Strategic objectives and inquiry of the status quo
  • Strategic decision-making and strategy formulation
  • Detailed planning and strategy implementation
  • Changes within the organisation and accompanying measurements
  • Strategy-Controlling

Change Management

  • Organisational analysis and Strategies of Change
  • Instruments and Management of Change
  • Strategies and handling of resistance and change of the corporate culture
  • Optimization of the business processes (inclusion of a Change Agent)

2. Projektmanagement – Trainings

  • for Project Owner, Project Leader, Project Team Members, Project Office, Project Teams, Project-Controller, Change Manager
  • basic – advanced
  • German and English

Project Management Methodology

  • PM Definitions and PM Frame
  • Roles and responsibilities in Projects
  • Project Planning (IPMA Standard)
  • Social Competences
  • Multi-Project – and Program Management

Project Management Processes

  • Project Start and Assignment
  • Project Execution
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Controlling
  • Change Order Management in Projects
  • Management of Crisis in Projects
  • Project Close Down and “Lessions Learned”

Training of company specific PM-Standards

Preparation for IPMA-Certification