Project work is often complex, multilayered and mostly – COLOURFUL.

Detailed planning, structured execution and regular controlling are the basis for all Project success.
For each of these steps there are different approaches and possibilities of support and coaching, which can be developed together specifically – according to the initial situation and specific requirements.

The essential factor of success for all projects is always: the PEOPLE involved.
It is all about developing pragmatic and customized approaches and a motivated implementation by the team.


Project Leader

  • operative execution of Projects or Subprojects
  • taking over the required role within the Project (Project Leader,Project Owner, Project Team Member)
  • for the whole duration of the Project or specific phases

Workshops for Project Planning and/or Kick-Off

  • a well-prepared and planned Project enforces the Project Team
  • common planning turns the Project into a collective challenge and assignment for all participants
  • Project-Planning-Workshops can be a very empowering tool at the Project-Start and for the Kick-Off
  • pick and use the adequate planning tools for the best possible results and common understanding


  • Project-Coaching can refer to all Project phases and people involved
  • it starts with a detailed analysis of a possible collaboration for the Project (who, which phases, which approach, etc.)
  • ensures sustainable know-how-transfer and problem solving competence within the organisation


“One can only control, what was planned”.

  • Project-Controlling is an integrated part of each Project (beginning at the planning phase)
  • there is a variety of specific support: beginning with the Project Start-Phase and ending with the Project Close Down
  • solutions can be provided from the design of the controllingsystem to the customised development of the controlling instruments

Company specific Project Management Standards

  • development of company specific Project Management Standards together with the client
  • the level of administration-efforts and  methods can be optimised  and implemented as specifically required
  • support can be helpful from the definition of the PM-Standards to the final implementation and go live

Design and Set-up of Project Management Office (PMO)

  • collaboration starting at the design and planning – to the set-up of a “Project Management Office” (PMO) defined by the clients needs
  • start-up support is encouraging the responsible team and enabling the know-how transfer within the company


  • external audit in case of a Project Crisis or a Project Stop helps to achieve an independant view
  • ongoing Project review by an external auditor during the whole Project Execution Phase helps to secure objectivity (e.g. external member of the Steering Committee)